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Adventure Travel Africa

Morocco: Have a Cultural Experience

One of my favorite aspects of couch surfing is the unique cultural experience you can have.  This is what keeps me looking for new couchsurfing hosts in each country I visit, because no matter how hard you try, you…

Adventure Travel Africa Reflections

Go the Extra Mile in Life

Traveling and hitchhiking across Morocco was an eye-opening experience that changed my whole view on the country.  I have countless stories where the Moroccan people demonstrated such love and hospitality towards me that  left me without words. It was…

Adventure Travel Africa

Couchsurfing: Trust Your Gut

The very first question I always get when I talk to others about couch surfing is, “What if your host turns out to be a creepy person?” Although you can never be 100% positive about everyone you use select, one…


A New Appreciation

  America, the land of the free. I have heard and sung that line my whole life.  It’s easy to hear something over and over, but never really to grasp the full meaning of the words. After my travels…